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JONNY BLU  Among the world's top jazz pop singers and songwriters, Jonny Blu's stands alongside singers like Michael Buble Frank Sinatra with a career spanning over a

decade. michael bible frank sinatra songs 

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After 15 years, Blu continues his studies under Sijo Totton today and currently holds black belt instructor ranks in Shaolin Kung Fu, Kenpo and Lima Lama.  In 2013 Blu was included in The Kenpo Continuum, which chronicles all the ranking black belts in the history of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate. In December 2012, Blu was officially recognized with the title of “Sifu” (Teacher) by the Grandmasters of the Whipping Willow Association.

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"Death Mist"

In 2018, Blu will make his feature film debut, starring in the Chinese action film “Death Mist 致命毒剂” alongside Hong Kong martial arts legend Bruce Leung and UFC Champion Josh Thomson. Blu’s role as “Tom” is a first in the history of Chinese cinema that a caucasian plays a lead Chinese speaking role.

Among other lifelong hobbies, Blu has been involved with studying and practicing martial arts about as long as he has been singing.  Beginning at age 6, he began learning American Karate and Kickboxing.  He continued this on until age 14 when he began studying the Filipino style Sikaran Arnis, which included more direct combat and weapons study. But, it was at the beginning of his time at university (UCLA) that he began studying under the renowned Grandmaster Carl Totton at The Taoist Institute of Los Angeles.  There he learned Shaolin Kung Fu (Five Animals,  Southern), Kenpo, Lima Lama and The Core System along with internal arts, Qi Gong and Tai Qi.

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